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Friday, 14 February 2014

Tell me about Yourself Interview

Tell me about yourself Interview
Before attending the Interview Evaluate yourself with respect to your Education,work experience, skills you possess,achievements, extra-curricular activiites,long term plans,etc,.

Try to Prepare a Resume. to market yourself

Also try to know more about the Organization (you applied for the job and about to attend the interview) from different sources like through the Organization's Website or Search from google,Bing,Yahoo,etc, the job position, the roles and responsibilities related to that job, compensation or salary offered to that job position you applied, Work Location and Schedules, Benefits, etc,.

Tell me About Yourself:

One of the Question frequently asked in Interviews. Take this as an Opportunity to prove your communication skills and  prepare your answer well in advance.

The answer you provided should be an interesting one like a story and must be your personal statement or profile summarising Educational Qualifications, Skills possessed/ acquired in academic career, Experience related to the previous Job (if you have any) and finally list out Your Career Objective.

Speak Clearly and Answers you provided should be in a quite straight forward manner and it must not reflect yourPersonal details in depth it and keep it brief. Be calm and relaxed. Don't crack any Jokes. Be Serious and try to Provide the relevant information what they were expecting from you.

Generally you need to start it with your name like "My name is Veera....",.

Good Morning Si, My Name is Veera completed my MCA from Sri Venkateswara University. My Skills include C, C++, Java, Unix,......My Hobbies include Reading Books, Blog writing, Playing Cricket...... My Strength is motivating others besides motivating myself,.......

For more information regarding this topic Interview Preparation one should Search in Google by using the keyword: "Tell me about yourself Examples".

You will be provided with lots of valuable information.

Quotes: Tell me about Yourself - Your struggles, your dreams, Your Telephone Number.
                                                                                                                     -Peter Arno

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