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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Tips to improve Communication Skills

 Communication skills plays a crucial part in Job Interview, Group Discussion, Seminars, etc,.


improve communication skills
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Communication is a dynamic process of sending and receiving or exchange of ideas or messages or information among people within the organization to convey the meaning.

The term ‘communication’, derived from the Latin term ‘communicare’.

The main purpose of communication to get information, praise, feedback, etc,.

With out Communication the plan can not take form the idea will remain as a idea.

Different means of Communication:

1.Oral Communication.
2.written Communication
2.Verbal Communication.
4.Non-verbal Communication.
5.Business Communication
COMMUNICATION PROCESS:Reading Writing Speaking Listening

7 C's of Communication:

 Clarity, Completeness, Conciseness, Consideration, Concreteness, Courtesy, Correctness

Non-Verbal Communication:  includes eye contact, posture, gestures,appropriate facial expression like smile,Nodding,etc,.
  • Direct Eye Contact is a sign of Confidence;
  • Single raised Eyebrow is a sign of Doubting;
  • Both Eyebrows Raised indicates admiration;
  • Bent of Eyebrows indicates Sudden Focus;
  • Coming of Tears from eyes is an Emotional Sign of either Happy or Hurt;
  • When your eyes are looking downwards is a clear of indication that you are listening something with care or guilty;
verbal Communication is achieved by self introduction and greetings,Face to face meetings, Video Conferencing,Telephones,Group Discussion,Interviews,Voice Conference,Seminars,Dictation, Presentations, etc,. ImmediateFeedback is expected in this form of communication,. The Role of Body Language plays an important role in this form.

Written Communication is achieved through Letters, Reports, Emails,Proposals, Faxes, Circulars,In-houseJournals,Research Papers, etc,.

Some of the Key barriers in communication:

Language Differences, Poor Listening skills,assumption,Fixed ideas,emotions,Excessive Questioning, Criticizing,Logical Argument, Education, Lack of self awareness and enthusiasm, disagreement, lack of interest on the assigned topic or subject, etc,.

Some of the Key Communication Skills:

Listening Skills:

Listening to others is an elegant art,. Good Listening is essential to improve social relations,which also
reflects the good manners with in you. Generally People speak 100-175 words per minute but listen at 300 words per minute,. Listening to the other person is very crucial in this process,. The Purpose of Listening plays a key role in obtaining new information, better understanding, to develop solutions to a problematic situations, etc,.

Feedback skills:

Feedback can be  in any form verbal, non-verbal or written and it should be either negative or positive one.,but Your Feedback provided should be a goal oriented, well timed one, easy to understood,doesn't reflect impersonal, should be specific to the point, etc,.

Presentation Skills:

Prepare the Content keeping in view of the audience, objective and limits in time variation, etc,. Make use of
visual Aids to interact with audience.

Tips to improve your Communication Skills:

1. Always use appropriate language and Speak clearly with precision neither too fast nor slow.
2. Improve your vocabulary.
3. Make a notes of Important Points while Listening to the Audience.
4. Read More and Acquire maximum Knowledge and mastery over the Subject you are about to speak by gathering information from different domains.
5. Never try to use Technical Terms or Terminologies which might  not be understood by majority of people in some cases.
6. Work on your Proper Body Language to attain the maximum results.
7. Be Confident on the message that you are about to convey.

                                                                                                                     -Article written by Veera

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