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Thursday, 30 October 2014

How to make money Online With out Investment Secrets Exposed

How to Make Money Online???? 

 One of the Basic Question that arises in the mind of every common man.  Listing some of the ideas or opportunities that existed to earn money online for free with out any investment. Make Money online for free from Blogging as there is a scope or an opportunity existed to make long term income online apart from Sharing Ideas or information on a particular subject or topic through online,   yes it is really possible to earn money from blog.

An opportunity that exists for those hard working individuals who have a passion for writing and possess good Content Writing skills. Infact Content Writing is an Art.

You can create a blog at free of cost. Creation of blog doesn't demand you to possess any  indepth knowledge in HTML, XML, PHP, Java script, etc,. If you possess  indepth technical stuff or subjective skills it proves to be an added advantage. See the below video for ideas to earn money online.

Blogging Tips to make money Online:

Blogging enables you to share information of your choice ranging from the promotion of  your business online, writing reviews on your products, posting a news about a person, sharing experiences of your own, sharing photos, sharing jokes, etc,.

1. Blogging is an art. Smart Art. Choose the topic for your blog and create articles. Try to Develop Unique content (Quality of the content should be very high). Write what you love and regularly update your blog to make passive income.

2. Attract the audience by sharing useful information in your blog and presenting data in a most appropriate way. Write your articles in a easy to understand fashion. While Writing Ariticles use the active voice.

3. It is a blessing indeed for those who possess good writing skills in English language. Otherwise, one need to put forth lots of efforts to develop and Improve the article writing skills. Write articles for your blog in such a way make it feel like you're speaking directly to your reader. One need to Double Check for typing and grammatical errors for a number of times to make it error free. Always Proofread your articles for final submission.

4. Brainstorm your brain and Discover new content ideas for your blog or website by online reading, books, pictures, magazines, conferences, personal experience, etc., Content writing is fun and enjoyable.
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5. Develop and provide Quality rich content by Choosing Proper Keywords related to the topic of your blog to generate good traffic and earn six figure income from your blog or website through Google Adsense,Contextual Advertising Program from Google which provides an opportunity for the webmasters to make money from their blog traffic and content. Generate More Traffic to make more money. Hard work and persistence can produce great results and good income.

6. Apart from Google adsense program, One can earn income or revenue from a valuable space in your blog through Affiliate marketing (also called Referral Programs or Partnership Programs) for promoting products of the Advertisers to earn commission.

7. Blogger and Wordpress provides you an opportunity to create blog at free of cost to broadcast your ideas online for free. Apart fromthese two blogging platforms, one can try,,,, tumblr,etc,.

8. Keep it mind, Design of your blog should be simple and easy to navigate.  Eliminate Complex Features. It must have incorporated with Subscribe and sharing buttons.

9. Free blogs will have a common domain name. ex:,,, etc,.  If  you don't wish for common domain name then Get your own domain namefrom Also purchase hosting space. Choose the right domain name for your blog and make sure you have 2 or more keywords in your domain name. Make use of Free tools available online while selecting the domain name.

10. Next step involved is generating enormous amounts of traffic to your blog through organic and inorganic ways (adwords) and promoting it in social networking sites. Try to incorporate social media tools to
build and increase the followers for your blog.

earn money from content writing
Note: There are lots of opportunities existed online for free for talented content writers who can have a ability provide clear, concise, grammatically correct content. One can work as a full time or a freelance content writer. Some of the best sites to work for freelancers include,,, etc,.

Adsense Tips to make money:

1. Millions of Webmasters around the world are using Google Adsense to make money by displaying targeted ads on their blog/website related to the content.  Never click on your own ads. Even don't ask others to do so.
2. Don't put images next to your ads.
3. One of the most important thing is regularly update your blog by adding new content.
4. Choose the right place and right adsense format. Some of the recommended adsense formats are 336x280 large rectangle, 330x250 medium rectangle, 160x600 wide sky scrapper, 468x15 horizontal link ads.
5. Don't alter the java script code provided by adsense in any way.
6. Don't place the code on blogs or websites that include prohibited content.
7. Please make a visit to to read out the policies.

Adsense alternatives include Adrbite, chitika, Infolinks, Yahoo Publisher Network, FastClick, Clicksor, Kontera,, ExitJunction, Oxado, etc,.
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